Friday, January 2, 2009


So far, this will be my first blog for the year. Though, I'm so not in the mood right now, I'll still try to make another short blog.

I only got less than three days to prepare for a new start in school. Classes will resume on 5. Today is January 2. 

I am suppose to do lots of things. I need to study for most of the subject because on our first week, we have lots of exams. But now, I' still here, writing my blog just for nothing. If, I'm not on my page, probably, I'm watching t.v., playing NBA or eating. I'm too lazy to work and study my lessons. 

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous for the incoming exams because of my attitude. Oh, nothing has changed. :)) Cramming is still my best friend for this situation. Maybe later, I'll start to scan my notes or start practicing to solve. Hopefully! :))

What a really bad start for me this new year. I always planned to finish everything before the new year but still I didn't have enough discipline to start it right. I guess I'll try again next time. Anyway, if I would start today, I think it will not be called cramming? I just hope that I can finish everything early and be prepared for whatever that may come.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Few Hours Left

There's only nine and a half hours left before the new year. 

It's a fair day when I woke up. Another fine lunch downstairs for me. :) Chicken fillet and chopsuey.  I ate a lot. :))

Now, I'm just trying to add new post on my page. Actually i'm not in the mood to type right now. I'm currently watching my pamangkin dancing haha.. He's so cute.. C'mon I can't concentrate with my blog! He's a better dancer than me. :)) 

Before this year ends. I think its a good idea to reflect on the things that happened during this year. I just suggest that we give time to think about our successes and failures during the year 2008. Before it ends, we should try to give even a little effort to have a good change in ourselves. 

Am I saying that we should have a new year's resolution? Maybe? Although we all know that we have any day, hour, minute, seconds and so to do this reflection, for me, this day is the best day to reflect and to think of the past. One day left or few hours? I guess it would be dramatic for us to see what we have done during the year and what we want to happen in the next. I think it would be more effective to start a new goal. :) Another point is, we have more free time because most of us have long vacation. There'll be more time to think and reflect. 

Time's up. I need time for myself too! Happy new year to all. 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

At the Party

Finally, I got home. It's almost eleven o'clock in the evening. I'm tired but happy. It's been a very long day for me.

I went to Las Piñas to visit my friends and to join our party. When I came there, I saw some significant changes on some place.

I lived in Las Piñas since I was in elementary until I was in highschool. There were lots of improvement on the roads and transportation. There were additional commercial establishments on specific areas.

I can say that I can live a better lifestyle there than here in Manila. There, you can breathe in the air even there are buses and jeepneys beside you. The air is so much cleaner than that in Manila. I'd love to stay there again.

When I came to our venue, I though I was late but unexpectedly, I'm one of the early birds. :D I didn't bring any food or drinks because I thought my friend would come and buy our share. Sadly, she wasn't able to come. Anyway, We were almost 15 who came I guess? It could have been happier if others came too. Maybe it's really hard to bear with everyone's schedule.

At the party, lots and lots of stories were shared. I rilly missed this part. It's not easy to always keep in touch with them because of our busy schedules.

We ate, talked, sang with magic sing, laughed, took pictures, and enjoyed the company of each other. I knew that I don't have enough time to share with them. My sister called me already, and she's ready to go home. We went to Las Piñas together and she told me we should be together on our way home. So I need to follow her. I said goodbye to my friends.

I was very happy to see and to be with them. I had the best decision to go to the party with them than stay at home and rest. Though I was not feeling so well, I gave my effort to travel for hours because I really miss my family, the gensan family. :) That was one meaningful day for me.

True friends will always be true friends. They belong. That's why I don't want to loose them. That's why I went to be with them. I hope there will be another time to spend. I still miss my friends.


12:51 AM

December 28, 2008

done :D